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Coil. Squeeze. Bond - The Charging cable that bonds onto itself when coiled! No more messy cables!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Post Campaign Update 7: BondCable Shipping & Address Lock + Apology on 2-way USB/A heads
11 months ago – Mon, Nov 02, 2020 at 11:21:16 AM

Dear Bonders,

Thank you for your awesome support and your patience for BondCable's shipping! The production took longer than expected as our manufacturer found a HUGE mistake in the production while they at almost 50% completion three weeks ago.  (One end of cable heads was molded the wrong way round and it made the bonding of the cable head at the end slight-awkwardly misaligned!) Afterall, the BondCable is the only cable our factory has ever produced where the orientation of the flat cable with the cable head matters... Fortunately, they detected the issue during QC and have them all fixed last week (by the end of October), which was our original scheduled time for shipping.  Consequently, extra work hours were put in to complete the cable production (albeit the two weeks delay)

BondCable Production Completion + Address Lock 

As we speak, our manufacturers are completing the final type of BondCable, packing them into our 100% recyclable packaging, and sending to us in Singapore and our backers around the world by this week. We're excited to have all the BondCables shipped out afterwards to all of you, our awesome backers!

Therefore, we will be locking your shipping addresses this Wednesday a few days' time (04 November 2020). You will receive an email reminder from BackerKit to check or make any last minute changes to your address before we lock them and prepare to ship. 

There's still a handful of Bonders who have not completed their BackerKit Order Form, if you are one of them, please do so as soon as possible! Feel free to contact us at if you run into any issues.

Self-Collection for Singapore Backers

For Singapore Backers who opted for self-collection, it will tentatively start at in mid November. We are setting a collection period of 1 month at American Taproom Singapore (ATR). We will make further announcements once the date and timing are confirmed.

A Little Announcement... 

Remember our stretch goal of having a reversible USB-A? Unfortunately the manufacturer confirmed later on that reversible USB-A heads cannot be MFi-certified. Hence, all USB-A heads will not be reversible in order for all the BondCables to remain MFi-certified. We truly apologise for overlooking this at the start of the campaign, as a result of miscommunication with our manufacturer.

On another note, we have very slightly "upgraded" the protection of the BondCable: 

ALL (USB/A and USB/C) cable heads will come with a protective end cap to further protect the cables, ensuring that BondCables arrive at your doorstep in the best possible condition.  

Now with Protective USB/A and USB/C caps!

 Here is a bonus video of Nessy (our studio's cat) playing with the final packaged BondCables! 

Thank you for your kind support and #staybonded !

-The CleverThings Team

Other CleverThings We Found

Razor - "Not Your Average Box Cutter"  

Ever since Bomber and Company debuted its first product back in 2016, they have taken the world by storm, raising over $1M in total funding with over 20,000 backers. After 6 SUCCESSFUL campaigns and EARLY DELIVERY each time, Bomber & Company is extremely proud to introduce the newest addition to their 2020 collection -  RAZOR... "Not Your Average Box Cutter".

The Rack Series: Declutter Your Desk & Detox Your Life  

The Rack Series is a multi-task organizer that is easy to install, intuitive to use, and adaptable to any kind of situation. Simple yet versatile, it enables you to express your unique organizing styles with ease.

With the nano suction tape, it adheres to any flat surface with square edges firmly. By designing the rack to terminate at a point allows it to take up less space but offer more room for storage thanks to the opening created by the slanted angle of 15 degree.

An off-the-desk rack system consists of the modular accessories that define the layout tailored to your needs to make your life easier and happier. Get yours here.

iMicro Q2- An 800x Fingertip Microscope for Any Smartphone  

Tiny, light, easy to use, compatible with any smartphone, affordable while optical performance comparable to a pro desktop microscope.

Post Campaign Update 6: BondCable Production/Shipping date adjustments + BondCable Lite
12 months ago – Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 01:57:42 AM

Dear Bonders,

Thank you for your awesome support as always! We have some news to keep you updated on our BondCable production and shipping progress. 

Update on BondCable Production + Shipping Address Lock

Our manufacturer just had a week-long National Holiday and has resumed with the final production phases and packaging of BondCable. Hence, BondCable will be delivered by the End of October instead of Mid-October. We are very sorry for this slight delay. We are working our best and very closely with our manufacturer to complete and ship your BondCable as soon as possible! Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

Also, we will be locking your shipping addresses in 2 weeks time. You will receive an email reminder from Backerkit to check or make any last minute changes to your address one week before we lock them and prepare to ship. 

FINAL Call on BackerKit Survey completion

There are still a small number of backers who have not completed their backerkit survey to select their cable type/s and input their address. If you happen to be one of them and still did not receive the BackerKit email, please send us a message at 

Self-Collection for Singapore Backers

For Singapore Backers who opted for self-collection, it will tentatively start at the end of October! We are setting a collection period of 1 month at American Taproom Singapore (ATR). We will make further announcements once the date and timing are confirmed! Here are the special perks for self-collection:  

- $10 digital voucher from WeThePeople (WTP)*, which have been sent to your email

- 10% Cashback of the total amount pledged  (through PayNow/PayLah) upon collection

- 50% off the first drink for you and your friends when you are there to collect your BondCable! So share with your friends and come together to experience the real BOND while chilling at American Taproom Singapore!

Also, Singapore backers can now check out BondCable samples at We The People Store @ Millenia Walk! Do note that these are just samples and will not be for sale at retail stores yet. So rest assured that our backers will be the first to get BondCable!

BondCable Lite

Remember the little idea of BondCable Lite from our previous update? This idea was initially suggested by one of our BondCable backers!

BondCable Lite is a power charging-only, data-blocking cable meant for travelling and mobile working. Have you ever used USB charging ports in common public areas like cafes and libraries? Did you know that a connection of just seconds can be enough for hackers to install malicious software and steal secured personal data? BondCable Lite can charge your phone quickly while protecting your privacy and data. It will also be smaller, more compact and much lighter than the standard BondCable as there will be no data transmission wires.

To keep you updated, here is the current result of the poll of BondCable Lite:

We are still gathering thoughts and opinions on BondCable lite before we proceed to make some test samples. If you haven't participated in the quick poll and would like to do so, you can click here or access it with this link

Thank you and #staybonded !

-The CleverThings Team

Other CleverThings We Found

MOFT Float: Invisible and Foldable Stand&Case for iPad Pro

The only invisible and foldable stand&case that takes the pain out of using your iPad Pro. With the adjustable height and unlimited angles provided, feel free to find the most comfortable and productive way of using your iPad Pro wherever you are. Time to take your iPad Pro to next-level height and experience. Click here.

BeYou ~ The Transforming Chair With 10+ Ways You Can Sit 

BeYou transforms so you can finally sit comfortably in any position that feels great… to be you.
With BeYou, you’re free to work on your laptop, play on your phone, lounge to relax, take a zen moment to yourself, do a few yoga poses and even take a power nap. CLICK HERE to check them out.

EO mini – Sustainable Nano Mist Sanitizer for Everything

EO Mini is a revolutionary keychain size gadget for sanitizing and refreshing air around you. It is effective against TVOC, pollutant particles and residue pesticides. Click Here

Post Campaign Update 5: BondCable Final Production Samples + A little idea: BondCable Lite
about 1 year ago – Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 11:08:40 AM

Dear Bonders,

Thank you for your awesome support. Good News: BondCable production is ON SCHEDULE to complete and ship to all our wonderful backers in October 2020! The Long Long BondCable will be ready 2 weeks after that.  

BondCable New Production Samples

We always want the BondCable to be at its best possible in its final form. Therefore, we have made a small final change (upgrade) to the final production run. The BondCable now is slightly wider than before as the we have added additional Nylon reinforcement material around the fast charging power wires so that it will be even tougher and more durable. You can see the difference in the images below.  

All USB-A ends will be covered with a protective cap in their packaging as the sharp edges of the USB-A may cause cosmetic dents on the cable surface (but this will not affect the bonding or the charging of BondCable at all)

Update on the BondCable Production Progress! 

We have received the BondCable production samples for all cable types from our factory. Here are the BondCable final production samples with the packaging!   

BondCable is now undergoing mass production and is scheduled to complete at end of the month. We are arranging the shipping to commence on the 2nd week of October. Our factory will be closed for the first week of October as it is a public holiday for them. 

We look forward to the full completion of the production of the BondCables so that we can send it out to you at the soonest and best form possible! We will keep you updated with the progress :) 

A little idea: BondCable Lite 

While our factories are hard at work with the BondCable Production, Our design team is working on a little side idea: BondCable Lite and would you to share it with you.

BondCable Lite is a power charging-only, data-blocking cable meant for travelling and mobile working. Have you ever used USB charging ports in common public areas like cafes and libraries? Did you know that a connection of just seconds can be enough for hackers to install malicious software and steal secured personal data? BondCable Lite can charge your phone quickly while protecting your privacy and data. It will also be smaller, more compact and much lighter than the standard BondCable as there will be no data transmission wires.

This idea was initially suggested by one of our BondCable backers! We hear you and we would like to ask all of you about this idea. Please help us by participating in this very short (1 question) poll to here or access it with this link 

Thank you and #staybonded !

-The CleverThings Team

Other CleverThings We Found

As many of you know, we play lots of tabletop board/card games here in our CleverThings studio! And among our studio/tabletop gaming friends, there are game designers and illustrators extraordinaires! One of our close friend, Daryl Chow, is a renowned tabletop game designer. He has two games currently on Kickstarter! We'd like to strongly recommend one of the games, Plantopia! Our team has been playing the game in its prototype and final form many times and we absolutely loved it! There are just a few hours left to back it. Please check it out now so you don't miss out on this succulently awesome game! 

Plantopia: The Card Game 

Plantopia is a strategic card game where players harness their gardening abilities to contend for the coveted title of Plantopia’s Champion Gardener. Join Potato and friends on their journey and enter the world of Plantopia, where you will manage a garden of unbe-LEAF-ably cute and quirky plants, and maximise their potential to grow the craziest garden on the planet!

Capitalize upon the immediate powers of the Baby Plants while harnessing the scoring combos of the Treevolved Plants. Will you go for the fast-growing Flowers, the card-drawing Cacti, or the weather-controlling Trees? Or a combination of all of the above? You’ll always find new plants and different strategies awaiting every trip you take to Plantopia!

Nanobag 4.0 - Ultralight Reusable Shopping Bag

You won't believe how small these bags are!

These tiny shopping bags are ultra light, ultra strong and ultra portable. Finally it’s convenient to always carry a bag. Comes in 6 different styles and 15 colorful designs. Get your Nanobags HERE!

SuperCarrier: Every Bag You’ll Ever Need

SuperCarrier is the perfect combination of rugged, space saving engineering and clever urban design. Finally, a bag for life that might live up to the name. It’s strong enough to carry up to 110lbs/50kg, has five compartments so you can separate your meat from your nut roast, your wet towel from your white wine and still keep your valuables safe. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE  

Post Campaign Update 4: FINAL REMINDER to complete Backerkit Survey + Clever Packaging into a Phone Stand!
about 1 year ago – Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 01:11:21 AM

FINAL BackerKit Reminder.

Thank you to all of you who has submitted BackerKit Survey. If you have not done so, please do immediately as this is the final chance for us to record your order (cable type and quantity) and register your shipping address. Please let us know if you have any difficulties at or you can refer to this WALK-THOUGH.  Your survey will help us accurately carry out our production and shipping. We would prioritize shipping BondCables to backers who have completed their BackerKit survey. In other words, we would loved to send you the BondCables as soon as we can when it is ready, and those who didn't complete the survey promptly may receive it later.

Final Refinements/Testing before Mass Production!

We have made new samples for the rests of the connectors! Some of the molds are in the fine tuning and testing stage. We are doing our best for our awesome Backers! Here is the BondCable Production Schedule (up to 25 August 2020):

We are still on target to send BondCables to you at the end of September or latest early October!

Clever BondCable Packaging - Phone Stand

Our designers are making the final adjustments on the packaging design and added a little clever touch it! You can now turn the BondCable packaging into a simple stand for your mobile/cell phone! With the BondCable removed, the cardboard packaging can be folded into a mobile/cell phone stand in 3 simple steps!

Note: this packaging is available for the normal-length BondCable. The Long Long BondCable is a special Kickstarter exclusive and will be packaged in a non-retail packaging bag instead. 

Other CleverThings We Found

Cell:The Expandable Wireless Charger that Cleans Your Phone 

Sanitize your phone in the same time it takes to wash your hands so that clean hands, grab a clean phone. JUST LAUNCHED: Last Chance to Get Your Cell UV Sanitizer @ Super Early Price Here!

Clutch V2 - World's Thinnest Charger 

● Sleek & Storable - Credit Card Sized Charger

● Universal - iPhone and & USB-C Compatible

●Powerful and Convenient - Strong 3000 mAh battery

● Easy to Use - LED Battery Indicators

● Simplified Charging - Attached Charging Cable

● Ultra Lightweight - Weighs 2oz

● Strong & Durable - Metal Casing

Click Here To Learn More

The AirBolt GPS - Global Tracking Like it Was Meant to Be 

World's Smallest GPS, LTE-M and NB-IoT tracker lasting up to 12 months per charge | Global | Welcome to a Lose Free Future!

AirBolt GPS® is lightweight, waterproof and features industry leading battery life — up to one year of active tracking on a single charge. Other trackers make similar claims of year-long batteries, but only deliver on their promises in standby mode. What good is a tracker that’s not actively tracking anything? Where are your car keys? Where is the cat? Where is your traditional Bluetooth tracker, for that matter? AirBolt GPS® delivers on its claims of better battery life, and with tracking enabled.

Funded in 7 Hours. Limited Super Early Birds Still Available 45-55% Off! GET IT HERE!

Post Campaign Update 3: Backerkit Survey REMINDER + Production has started
about 1 year ago – Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 06:15:40 PM

Reminder: Complete your BackerKit Survey by 15Aug2020

Thank you to all the Backers who has already completed your Backerkit survey! We have noted your cable selection and shipping addresses. For those who has yet to do so, we'd like encourage you to do as soon as possible. You should have received the survey via email since 1st August, as well as subsequent email reminders. The survey will close on 15 August 2020 so that we can confirm all the Kickstarter orders for production and shipping. Here is a WALK-THROUGH for filling in the survey, as well as a guide to obtain the optimum price if you want to have additional cables or any add-on/s.  Meanwhile, if you encounter any issues with the Survey or if you still did not get the survey, please contact us via KS message or email us at You can also refer to the images below for the steps to complete the survey. 

BondCable Production has begun!!

While waiting for all of the BacketKit surveys to be completed, our manufacturing partner has already started to extrude miles/kilometres of the cable material and add the final touches (texturing) to the production mold. Here's a sneak peak of the BondCable production (injection and extrusion) molds! We will share videos and images of the actual production of BondCables in our next update very soon. Our Team really look forward to sending our creations to all of you, our wonderful Backers! 

Injection mold of the cable head and Extrusion mold of the cable!

Other CleverThings We Found

PomaBrush – The Most Powerful Silicone Electric Toothbrush

Premium US Tech meets Italian Design in the coolest minimalist toothbrush. Its soft antimicrobial silicone bristles gently massage and strengthen them your gums or enamel. Enjoy a powerful deep clean thanks to PomaBrush's 15,000 vibrations per minute. Power your confident smile for 4 months on one charge. Built for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Get your PomaBrush here!

Doit2: All-metal Integral Molding Foldable Phone/Tablet Stand 

Innovative Solid One-piece Design | Foldable & Potable | 360° Multi-angle & Height Adjustable | Compatible with Smartphone & Tablet

DOIT2 is a Minimalist Smartphone & Tablet Holder for Your Modern Life. Together with the Doule-rotation shaft structure with multi-angle adjustment can realize height and front-back adjustment. Click Here

Ghost Pacer: Your Personal Holographic Workout Partner

Maximize Every Workout with an On-Demand Holographic Running Partner. The Ghost Pacer is a set of augmented reality glasses built for runners by runners. The set allows you to set the path and speed of a holographic avatar and race against it outdoors in real-time. Check it here!