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Coil. Squeeze. Bond - The Charging cable that bonds onto itself when coiled! No more messy cables!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

BondCable Post-Campaign Update 2: BackerKit Survey Sent + Astonishing Discovery!
about 1 year ago – Sat, Aug 01, 2020 at 08:48:52 PM

BackerKit Survey Sent! + an Astonishing Discovery

Dear Bonders,

Thank you for your patience! By now, you should have received the BackerKit Survey where you can select your cable types and input your shipping address. It took a little longer as we are following BackerKit's and Kickstarter's recommendation to wait for the 14-days verification period; so we sent it exactly after 14 days! :)

For those who haven't filled it in, here's a gentle reminder to do so by 10 August 2020. There is also a little survey walk-through for those who are using BackerKit for the first time. If you still have any questions/inquiries, please email us at for matters regarding the survey or order.

Reminder: If you'd like to add on more cables, please refer to this handy table below to get the optimum price for up to 10 BondCables (you can change your pledge level at the start of the survey). 

For Singapore Backers who are opting for local pickup/ self -collection. We still need you to fill in your shipping address in the BackerKit survey, in case you have to cancel the local pickup option later OR if it may be no longer possible to do a local pickup due to the any pandemic restriction (CB) changes. The details of the pickup at American Taproom will be announced when we are closer to the delivery date. Please rest assure that the collection will be convenient (near Bugis) during weekdays and weekend afternoons. Thank you

And now, we'd like to share an astonishing discovery - 

The Not-CleverThings BondCable! :/

Disclaimer: We are DEFINITELY NOT endorsing nor affiliated with this product.

Last week, we received a message from a friend that he chanced upon a "similar" self-bonding charging cable product in China and we immediately decided to purchase one out of curiosity. As all of you probably know, the BondCable was first conceptualized over 18 months ago (and featured on our studio's website since late 2018). We have since shown the BondCable concept to a few manufacturers with a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed too. 

At CleverThings Co., we aim to build a sincere and good relationship with all our supportive backers; we want all of you to be the first to know about any information as such. Therefore, despite friends advising us not to, we decided to share with all of you about this and more importantly, our experience with it. Does it really work well like BondCable? Find out in our little "hands-on experience" video here followed by some comparative images: 

Turns out... well, we will let you be the judge. To conclude, we are not worried or concerned by the existence of this product, and you probably shouldn't be either.

Here are more comparison images with the BondCable.   

Cable Thickness and Construction Comparison
Bending Comparison (left: without cable relief, right: with cable relief)
Coiled Brand X and BondCable

After all, we spent almost 18 months developing BondCable, going through more than 10 iterations, with intense testing and evaluation to make sure it works perfectly. Our final ready-for-production BondCables have also passed various reliability tests, this is one of the reliability testing videos taken and sent by our manufacturer. 

To conclude, you can all be assured that our Original BondCable is of the highest quality possible! 

Have you seen other "similar" (non-magnetic) self-bonding cables too? Let us know by sharing in the comments!

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BondCable Post-Campaign Update 1: BackerKit Survey coming soon and a Walk-through
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 07:06:07 PM

Dear Bonders,

Sorry for keeping you waiting! The CleverThings team has been working hard right after the campaign has ended last week. Our BondCable BackerKit survey is completed and sent for review and approval. It will be sent via email to all of you once it is approved by BackerKit! Thank you for your patience and amazing support :)

Note: If you received any survey in the past two weeks, it was an auto-generated one about the Kickstarter campaign and is NOT the BackerKit Survey. We have a few concerned backers messaging us about not being to access "the survey" anymore. Please rest assure that the actual BackerKit survey, where you can select your cable types and input your shipping address, will be only be sent later this week. We are sorry for any confusion or inconveniences caused by that. 

While waiting for the survey to be sent through your email, the CleverThings Team made a little walk-though about it. We hope it would help you to understand how to do the survey (especially for the first time users and those who would like to change their pledge to get more BondCables). The walk-through will show you how to 1) make your cable type selection, 2) how to add-on more BondCables at the lowest price and 3) enter your shipping details correctly. Yes, we want to ensure that we offered the best price for our Kickstarter backers. Do you also know that the Long Long BondCable is a Kickstarter launch exclusive? 

You can access the survey walk-through here. If you still have any questions/inquiries,  please email us at for matters regarding the survey or order/s.

Here is a handy table we made to show how to get the optimum price for any BondCable add-ons (you can change your pledge level in the survey to get the best price for more cables) 

Reminder for Singapore Backers: 

You can select for a self-collection option in the survey. The collection point is at American TapRoom Singapore (ATR). Backers who chose this option will receive a 10% Cashback of the total amount pledged  (through PayNow/PayLah), a $10 voucher from WeThePeople (WTP)*, and 50% off the first drink for you and your friends at ATR when you are there to collect the BondCable! Otherwise BondCable will directly be sent to your shipping address (no 'hassle' to self-collect, but no perks). The choice is yours! Please refer to our walkthrough especially at the shipping section and fill in this form to be eligible to get the perks!

*Terms and conditions apply

Thank you once again and #staybonded ! Here's a team photo we "took" while social distancing. :) 

Shaun, Kitty, Steph, Quentin, Zining and Cassandra of The CleverThings Team

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Mopoint: World's Smallest 65W GaN USB-C Charger

 1/2 credit card size 65W charger, fast charges 3 devices: laptop, tablet, smartphone (2 x USB-C, 1 x USB-A) at the same time. Click here.

THANK YOU! 1596 Bonded Backers and over 500% Funded!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 03:50:25 PM

Thank you to our 1596 AWESOME Bonded Backers! BondCable is over 500% Funded!

We really appreciate the Bond and wonderful support we've received! The CleverThings Team could never thank all of you enough to make this project a reality! After a little wrap party tonight, we will be working hard to finalize and send the BackerKit survey for you to choose the cable types and input your contacts/mailing address etc. We will be sending out this survey in the next few days. This may be the end of the successful campaign BUT it's the start of our PROMISE to you. The CleverThings team will be striving our best to deliver your BondCable in the best possible quality promptly. As we speak, our manufacturer is already churning out miles and miles of the Bondy (notch and groove) cable materials! The next step is the production of the connectors where we will need to have all the numbers for each cable types through the BacketKit Survey. We will keep you posted at every milestone of production through little updates, so please #staybonded with us.

 Long Long BondCable Upgrade 

We have unlocked the Long Long BondCable option as a stretch goal. All backers will have the option to upgrade any of their regular BondCable/s to the Long Long BondCable/s. This option can be selected in the BackerKit survey mentioned. It will be just an additional US$ 2 approx. (S$3) to upgrade from the regular 4ft/1.2m to the Long Long (7 ft/2.1 m) BondCable, with any additional shipping cost absorbed by us! This additional amount will be charged/paid for in the same survey based on your selection AFTER the campaign. The Long Long BondCable option is ONLY available in Kickstarter exclusively for you. It will be packed in a non-retail packaging!

BondCable Packaging Preview

Here's a sneak preview! The BondCable packaging will be environmental friendly - no glue, 100% recyclable and degradable. It is designed with sufficient material to cover and protect your cables for shipping and at the same time minimizing the carbon footprint left onto our planet. The different colors indicate the different cable type options! What's your favorite color?

Thank you once again and #staybonded !

- The CleverThings Team

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JO-E Pack | EDC Multi-Functional Sling 

Finally an Everyday Carry Bag for your daily & safety essentials.
12+ Features, FuseFabric, Flex Strap with Magnetic Slide, & Brass Antimicrobial Key Hook Carabiner. Early Bird Steals start at $49! Check it out HERE!

GoGoLeash: All-in-One Dog Leash and Collar System 

GoGoLeash is an all-in-one dog leash and collar system to train your furry friend. Just throw our adjustable collar on your canine companion and see the difference. Limited Super Early Bird prices start from $49! CLICK HERE to grab one of your favorite colors before we sold out.

Facemask And Stylish T-Shirt - All In One 

Introducing Senshell - the T-shirt with a protective mask made of antibacterial fabric. The Senshell T-Shirt was created using our proprietary silver-infused fabric!

Masks are the new “status quo.” But masks need to be carried around, stored, and frequently changed. Plus, a regular single-use surgical mask rarely improves your look.

With the Senshell T-Shirt, you no longer need to carry masks, and you’ll stay fresh and clean throughout the day. Click HERE to get yours!

The Photography Deck: Camera Cheat Sheet Playing Cards  

The Photography Deck is a specially-designed deck of playing cards for camera lovers. The court cards—King, Queen, and Joker—have each been re-designed with a photography twist, while the number cards each act as a miniature “cheat sheet” for concepts ranging from the exposure triangle, to color theory, composition, reading the histogram, setting white balance, and more.

Introducing COFFEEJACK - The Pocket-Sized Barista by Hribarcain  

CLICK HERE to see why this Pollution Saving Espresso Maker No Bigger than a Cup is so different

S$55K - Stretch Goal UNLOCKED: Long Long BondCable option!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jul 07, 2020 at 10:23:07 PM

Congratulations! We have unlocked the Long Long BondCable option stretch goal. There will be 2 versions of this 7 ft / 2.1m BondCable available: (1) USB-C to USB-A and (4) Lightning to USB-A. (based on the 2 most popular options in our poll). We are still negotiating with our manufacturers in hope to make the top 3 options available instead, and will let you know as soon as we can confirm that. 

Here's a look at the size comparison (you can also checkout our facebook live video hosted last week to see the "actual" size comparison at around 24:15 mark)

All backers will have the option to upgrade your pledge and select the Long Long BondCable option in the BackerKit survey when the campaign ends. It will be just an additional US$ 2 approx.(S$3) to upgrade from the regular 4ft/1.2m to the Long Long (7 ft/2.1 m) BondCable, with any additional shipping cost absorbed by us! This additional amount will be charged/ paid for in the same survey based on your selection AFTER the campaign. 

Our Next Stretch Goal: FREE KS-Exclusive BondBag

Freebies for our backers! This KS Exclusive BondBag (not available through retail) will help you bring your BondCable/s with other EDC (Every-Day Carry) items in one go! It can even fit the Long Long BondCable or up to 3 regular BondCables. It will be FREE to ALL OUR BACKERS when our campaign reach the funding goal of USD$61000 (S$85000). Please help us spread the word about the BondCable so that we can Bond with more and unlock all these stretch goals and more !!

A little bond with the CleverThings Team

We are tabletop/board gamers too! There are hundreds of games in our studio's discussion room game library. We love our lunch-time or even after work game sessions! Any other board-gamers here too? Check out a part of our game library with this shelfie:  

Board gamers, recognize any games here?

Tell us what are your favorite lunch-time games and what you would recommend? Let us know in the comments! :) 

Thank you once again and #staybonded !

- The CleverThings Team

Other CleverThings We Found

Ironically, we found these cute little cable wraps and even backed it personally. Well... we are using them for the now-redundant old cables we replaced the BondCable with, and our earphones, hdmi and other power cables. :)

ZOO Cable Wraps – Organize your messy cables in one second. So easy!  

Magnetic: Apply with ultra-high neodymium magnets. Good to hold and hangs things without falling.
Flexible & Durable: Made of eco-friendly high stretch silicon material. Stretch up to 20cm.
Fit for All Cables: Compatible to all kinds of cables no matter whether they are thick or thin.
Cute & Versatile: 7 adorable animals for your selection. Widely used in our life with multi-purpose.
Free Worldwide Shipping! Get it now!

1000 Backers! Creator Live-Stream + Long BondCable Poll + Singapore Self-Collect Option
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 11:44:53 PM

We have Bonded with 1000 wonderful backers! Thank you for all your incredible support in these first 2 weeks of our campaign! We are almost reaching our 2nd Funding Stretch Goal (S$55000): Long Long  (7" / 2.1 m) BondCable. This will unlock a LONGER cable option, specially for those who said they'd love a longer BondCable. Please continue to share and spread the word together about BondCable to unlock more stretch goals and rewards. Here are some important updates on our campaign.

Poll: Which Long Long BondCable? 

We would like to seek your opinion on which type/s of Long (7"/2.1m) BondCable you'd like to have. There are 5 different types of standard BondCables. Your feedback will help us decide which type/s we should make a longer version of. The poll will only take less than 30 seconds to complete. We'd really appreciate your kind participation and continuous support. Here's the link to the poll:

Announcement: Exclusive Facebook Live session with BondCable Creator, Quentin Quek! 

Specially for our fans, we are hosting a Facebook Live stream with Quentin Quek, the creator of BondCable. Join us as we take a closer look at the BondCable. He will also answer any questions that you may have about BondCable or CleverThings. This 30-minutes session will be hosted via Facebook Live on:

Thursday (July 2nd) at 8AM (EST) / 5AM (PST) / 1PM UK (GMT+1) / 8PM SGT (GMT+08:00)

Please make sure to click "Get Reminder" in your Facebook page to be notified just before we go live. We hope to see you there!

Self Collection Option for Singapore Backers  

We hear some feedback about the shipping fees from Singapore backers. Even though BondCable is manufactured and shipped from overseas, we would still like to offer something special for our local Singapore Backers. Since we can't change the shipping fees charged anymore, we are now offering an option for Self-Collection with special perks!  We are happy to announce the collection point is at  American TapRoom Singapore (ATR), our favourite draft-beer and food place. It is conveniently located in downtown Bugis area. Backers who chose this option will receive a 10% Cashback of the total amount pledged  (through PayNow/PayLah) and a $10 voucher from WeThePeople (WTP)*. On top of that, the awesome dudes at ATR are offering 50% off the first drink for you and your friends when you are there to collect your BondCable! So share with your friends and come together to experience the real BOND while chilling at American Taproom Singapore!

This Self-Collect option can be selected during the post-campaign survey.

Thank you once again and #staybonded ! 

- The CleverThings Team

*Terms and conditions apply

Other CleverThings We Found 

A Better Notebook for Better Life

BetterBook provides classic handwriting experiences, yet is built for the digital age. Better at capturing & scanning with your phones; Better image display with no white/black bars; Better fit on your desk below the keyboard; Better note organization and management. A better notebook for a better life. CLICK HERE 

Revov Tray Box- The Most Effortless Organizer for Everyday Carry

With Magnetic Rotating Mechanism, it feels like the lid is hovering. This is the most effortless organizer for your Everyday Carry Objects.